11 Things I Would Tell Someone New Lightroom Classic

And I know a few long time users who could benefit as well

I’m having a little fun with some bonus posts over at Lightroom Killer Tips this week while Scott Kelby is away on vacation. I hopped in the wayback machine to my very first series of posts in 2015, and I think they still hold up. See for yourself!

To give a little back to all those who have aided me in learning over the years I’m going to be posting 3 more things I would tell someone new to Lightroom Classic. I started today with tip number 11 (see above link), and will post 12 on Thursday and 13 on Friday (ooohhh, if only it was Friday the 13th!).

Tomorrow will be the second part follow up to my post about Plug-in Workflows with Lightroom Classic, so be sure to drop by each day this week for something new. I always check the comments over there for questions, so feel free to share your favorite tips, questions, or thoughts. Have a great week!