Summer Backpacking and Photoshop World

I'm back and looking forward ...

Sorry for going quiet, but I just returned from a two week backpacking trip with Boy Scouts at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. It was a lot of work to prepare physically and practically to take that much time off and step off the grid for so long, but I’m glad I did. In case you missed it, I wrote about my experience over at Lightroom Killer Tips from before I left to when I returned. It was a new experience for me to travel so light photographically speaking.

Looking Forward to Photoshop World

In years past, this time of year I would be gearing up for a trip to Las Vegas for my annual pilgrimage to Photoshop World. While I won’t be going to Vegas this year I’m happy to say that Photoshop World is still on and happening at a computer near you! Pre-conference sessions start Monday (8/30) and the full conference starts Tuesday and runs until Thursday (9/2).

Even though it is a virtual event they are doing everything they can to capture the fun, connections, and learning of being there in person. Aside from 20 instructors teaching three tracks of sessions each day, there is a virtual meetup event, an after hours party, and even Midnight Madness.

I’m teaching 3 sessions on Lightroom Classic as well as a Lightroom open Q&A (sponsored by Peachpit), plus I’ll be at each of the evening events. I really can’t wait to see and connect with folks I haven’t seen in years. 

The really cool thing about this event is that unlike in-person Photoshop World, where if you miss a session you missed it for good, at this virtual event all paid attendees get a 6-month KelbyOne Pro membership (access to all of KelbyOne’s library of training) and a full 1 year of conference replays. Even if you can’t attend any of the live sessions you get 1 full year to watch all sessions at your own pace, plus 6 months of additional KelbyOne training. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

If you’ve already signed up then I can’t wait to see you next week! If you’re thinking about registering there is still time to do so at the discounted rate (save $100):